Why I Won’t Be Giving My Son Gummy Bears

At last! New studies are coming out showing that what we give our children to eat has a direct result on whether they develop ADHD. Check out these articles  and . The studies showed clearly that when children stopped eating processed candy bars and foods laden with chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavors and colors their symptoms reversed. Even their school teachers were amazed “The teachers thought it was so strange that the diet would change the behavior of the child as thoroughly as they saw it. It was a miracle, the teachers said.”

Brightly colored packaging and clever marketing  entices children and adults to buy these highly processed foods.  It’s funny how people actually think that my son will be missing out if I don’t feed him “treats” such as chocolate buttons, processed cookies and brightly colored candy such as gummy bears. He will definitely get his fair share of treats, but ones that will foster fun family times, helping me to make cookies and fun pure fruit popsicles in the summer. Our taste-buds become accustomed to what we eat on a regular basis, and it may be a struggle at first to cut out the processed junk food but in no time at-all you will be amazed that you ever used to eat it, children also become used to the taste of real food very quickly. I used to enjoy Macdonalds hash browns and Snickers ice cream bars. As I became more aware of how unhealthy they were for me I stopped eating them. Then, around 3 years ago I decided to try them again. I almost threw up. After the first bite I knew what a mistake I’d made, they went in the trash immediately.

It irks me that in restaurants the “kids Menu” is always junk food. Chicken nuggets and fries, pizza and fries etc. Why not have some hummus with veggies to dip? Baked sweet potato fries with grass fed beef pattie? If we feed our children good quality real food from the beginning their taste buds will become used to the taste of real food. Of course they may stray down the line, but while you can control what the family eats, why not have it be real?

So I urge you to bake with your little ones, if you don’t know how, then  have fun learning together.  Your children will thank you for it.

Contact me if you need recipe ideas.

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2 Responses to Why I Won’t Be Giving My Son Gummy Bears

  1. camille says:

    sarah, well said! and i agree wholeheartedly. i love the bit about the treats he will get, with specific examples. parents need specifics! let’s make treats together sometime! hugs from camille & adam

  2. says:

    This is such a cultural issue! I grew up in Concord/Walnut Creek, it was a special treat to check out the Wonderbread outlet store, or to get twinkies and such things from other places. As an adult, (and with the added perspective of the current bay area cultural influence), I shudder to think of eating these foods, let alone allowing my students (and someday children) to even contemplate eating them. I believe this is a sign of the times and the area, which is a good thing! I’m happy to read your blog because we all need to know more about nutrition, so keep it up!

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