GMO Cows Producing Human Milk?

It was bad enough that we had GMO corn going into our foods and being fed to cattle, now we have cows producing human milk?  They haven’t perfected it yet and boast claims that it is “nearly human”. Research has shown that GMO crops fed to animals cause liver, kidney and blood problems. Despite large companies such as Monsanto assuring us that these products are safe, it is possible that GMO crops could have the same effect on humans. Independent researchers published a study showing that GMOs are linked to organ damage. Check out the study .

Scientists are hoping that this GMO human milk will be a better substitute than formula for women who cannot breast feed.  Breast milk is nutritionally superior to formula and scientists have not been able to replicate it. The consistency of breast milk is amazing, it actually changes during a feeding and continues to as the child grows. GMO human milk from cows will still be inferior to a mother’s milk and potentially dangerous. Women who cannot breastfeed can obtain human milk that has been donated by mothers from milk banks around the country. There are strict guidelines to ensure the safety of the milk and donors are thoroughly screened. The banks are not well advertised, since there is not as much money to be made, perhaps? For further information on milk banks . Check out the article below and say NO to GMO!


from Organic Consumers Association newsletter Organic Bytes

Stop Genetically Modified “Humanized” Milk Cows!

Researchers at the China Agricultural University say they have forcefully inserted genetically modified human genes into cows to produce a breast-milk-like substance.

The research was funded by the Beijing GenProtein Biotechnology Company which hopes to soon sell its genetically modified dairy products in supermarkets.

Like cows injected with genetically engineered bovine growth hormone before them, these new “humanized” dairy cows are likely to suffer poor health while producing milk that is nutritionally inferior and more likely to trigger an allergy or increase cancer risks in the children or adults who drink it.

Cloned and genetically modified animals also suffer greater health problems, increased mortality and a high number of still births.

Food produced from these animals is dangerous for humans because the insertion of foreign genes into DNA strands remains an inexact science. These foreign genes hit the DNA strands in random spots, changing the way they are expressed (turned on and turned off) and creating proteins never before ingested by human beings. These novel proteins could prove dangerous for large segments of the human population who find they are allergic to them.

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