Go Raw

At last! There is now government data that proves raw milk is safe, check out this from Weston A Price Foundation.

Whole milk, in it’s unprocessed form is health promoting and provides us with high amounts of   vitamins C, D, A, B12 and B6, it supports our immune system and is full of goodness.

Ever wondered why there are so many people with allergies to milk? Pasteurization destroys beneficial enzymes, including lactase which is required by the body to digest lactose. It diminishes the vitamin content and destroys vitamins C, B12 and B6. So what started out as a healthful beverage turns into another highly processed food that has been tampered with for our supposed benefit.

When I learned the big differences between regular pasteurized milk and raw milk, I made the switch. I drank raw milk throughout my pregnancy, and my 11 month old son enjoys raw goats milk.

We are lucky in California to be able to buy raw milk in our markets. It does have a higher price tag, but as is true with so many things, you get what you pay for. I find that instead of buying 2 quarts of regular milk per week, buying one quart of raw milk is enough for me. Even if you cannot find raw milk in your area, most stores sell raw milk cheese which are preferable to pasteurized cheeses for the same reasons.

When buying regular milk, it is important to note that vitamins A and D are fat soluble, so it’s best for your health to avoid fat free dairy. Even if fat free milk is fortified with those vitamins, your body won’t be able to absorb and utilize them as it needs the fat to do so!

Enjoy this quick pick me up recipe adapted from Peggy O Mara at Mothering magazine  -

Mama Nog -

1 Cup raw milk (you could also use almond milk)

1 raw egg (pastured)

1 tbsp blackstrap molasses

1 tbsp nutritional yeast

1 tbsp raw honey

Blend all ingredients together and enjoy!

For more information on the benefits of raw milk go to  and

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