Baby Food Recipes

Preparing your own baby food is simple and doesn’t have to be time consuming. Baby’s are growing rapidly and they need plenty of nutrient dense foods for optimal development.  Everyone seems to agree that for the first year a baby’s primary source of nutrition is breast milk and that food during this time is a way for the baby to get used to eating solid food and to explore the different tastes and textures. Introduce foods one at a time to look out for allergies. Waiting for 4 days between new foods is sufficient. *As always, check with your pediatrician before introducing foods to your baby.*

Below are some of my son Kai’s favorite recipes:

Sweet Potato & Coconut Butter Mash:

Simply boil one  sweet potato until soft, scoop one tablespoon coconut butter onto the potato and mash together. You can store this in the refrigerator for a day or freeze in portions.

* Incorporating coconut into  babies food is a wonderful way of ensuring nutrient density. You can do this with coconut butter for a full creamy sweet taste, or just with coconut oil. Coconut butter/oil is extremely rich in Lauric Acid, a health promoting fat whose only other source in nature is human breast milk. In the body it is converted into a highly beneficial compound that is antiviral and antibacterial destroying a wide variety of disease causing organisms. *

Avocado and Banana Surprise:

Mash together 1/4 avocado and 1/4 banana (or more depending on your babies appetite!), you can also add coconut butter for extra flavor. This recipe is great if your baby doesn’t really go for plain avocado, mixing it combines the sweetness of banana matched with the creamy avocado, which is usually a winner with babies!

*Avocados are great first foods as they are high is fat and an excellent source of vitamin E and fiber.*

Breast Milk Scramble:

Take 1 egg yolk (separate from the white) and mix with some breast milk, gently heat in a pan, stirring until it becomes slightly firm. For optional additional nourishment you can cook the scramble in a little coconut oil.

* Egg whites should not be introduced until after the first year, but egg yolks are an excellent source of nutrition for your baby. They are rich in  choline which is important for brain development, they contain a perfect ratio of fats and are high in fat soluble vitamins A & D. It is preferable to buy pasture raised chicken eggs as these will be much more nutrient dense than battery raised eggs or even regular free range. The yolk should be a golden yellow color. *

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  1. says:

    Thanks Sarah,
    This is really great information as I thought only about giving my little son canned baby foods. I never thought to make my own at home so simply, as you described. I’m really excited to try the avocado and sweet potato recipe.
    This is a great site thanks again!

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