Placenta Medicine

Placenta Medicine

Your placenta is an amazing organ that was made by your body to support your babies development in the womb. It is full of hormones and nutrients that can help you recover from giving birth. The placenta stores vital hormones during pregnancy, and after birth the essences can be preserved through proper preparation and storage. Replenishing what was lost during childbirth can boost mother’s system, making the transition after birth so much easier. It is Mother Nature’s greatest medicine!

Many cultures honor the placenta, and traditional Chinese medicine has used the placenta for thousands of years. It is thought to replenish the bodies “QI” – life force energy.

The placenta can be ingested raw, and due to the high oxytocin and prostaglandin levels bites of raw placenta after birth can help stop hemorrhaging. Women have been known to cook pieces of their placenta with eggs and ingest it that way.

The preferred method by most women is to have the placenta encapsulated and ingest 2-4 capsules each day over time as needed.  In this method the placenta is cleaned, then steamed for 15 minutes, it is then sliced thinly and dehydrated. When dry it can be ground and put into capsules.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Help prevent  Post-Partum Depression
  • Increase Post-Partum Iron levels
  • Encourage Lactation
  • Help the Uterus Return to Its Original Size
  • Combat Fatigue
  • Balance Hormones
  • Increase Immunity
  • Shorten Post-Natal Bleeding Time
  • Increase Healing from Trauma

In Western medicine it is a shame that the benefits the placenta offer are not recognized and the standard procedure is to dispose it as medical waste. If you are giving birth in a hospital it is important you let the doctor know you want to keep your placenta and they can store it for you. It is preferable to prepare the placenta within 2-3 days of birth, and until then it should be sealed in a container in the refrigerator.

Please contact me prior to your birth if you wish to have your placenta encapsulated , see my pre-natal services for pricing.

I decided to offer this service to women after I had an amazing experience ingesting my own placenta. My energy would noticeably increase after taking a capsule.  My husband would comment that I was “on fire” when he saw me cooking up soups and dips to eat as well as nursing and caring for my son. My milk came in abundance and I attribute my calm energy and ability to cope with a sparodic sleep pattern to ingesting my placenta. The capsules lasted me throughout the fourth trimester. The first three months are crucial for mother and baby, it is a time to get to know one another, the baby is still adjusting to he outside world and you are adgusting to your baby. If you can take something that is natural and made by your body, that helps you be a calm and happy momma for your baby then take it!

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